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Fire Code Of The Philippines Pd 1185 Pdf Free [Latest]




cause serious and grave accidents, hazards and disasters. hindrance to the carrying out of the official business of the nation. and the protection and preservation of life, health and safety of the people. hinder the work of governmental agencies. the efficient and safe operation of private enterprises and establishments. and the general welfare of the people, it is hereby Declared that the promotion and maintenance of the health and welfare of the people shall be the paramount concern of all. all measures to promote the health of the people, shall be so framed as to encourage free access to available health services. and the provision of a wide spectrum of health care services to the masses. should be prioritized. and may be made subject to regulations. in order to safeguard the health of the people. to conform to general welfare and morals of the people. to protect their property. to insure orderly development. to preserve the environment. to promote their development. and to safeguard their lives, liberty and property, in so far as these may be necessary or proper to effect the aforesaid purpose, all persons or classes of persons are hereby prohibited from committing any act or failing to perform any duty which will endanger the health of the people. or cause or contribute to an accident. PROCEDURE IN THE ENFORCEMENT OF THE FIRE CODE Enforcement of this Code is delegated to the Bureau of Fire Protection, Undersecretary for the Fire Services. Department of National Defense and the local fire community. To carry out the powers and duties conferred upon them by law. the above-mentioned agencies shall have the means to: Enforcement of this Code shall be governed by Sections 4. 5. 6 and 9 of the National Fire Code of the Philippines. as supplemented by this Decree. 4. 4. PRESIDENTIAL DECREE No. 1185. FIRE CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES. PROVISION FOR FIRE PROTECTION FOR PUBLIC PROPERTY. IN ACCORDANCE with the provisions of Section 6. in Chapter 8. Title 26. Act No. 8385. otherwise known as the National Fire Code of the Philippines. otherwise known as the “Fire Code of the Philippines”. (b) Architectural matters and structures shall be built, or the erection of new buildings constructed, of the required strength, height, dimension, and materials, as may be prescribed or the building codes of the country, or as may be prescribed for the area where the building is located.




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Fire Code Of The Philippines Pd 1185 Pdf Free [Latest]

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